Videos & Tutorials

Know more about SmartRefs and learn how to use it with these short and easy to follow videos.


intro introductory video what is smartrefs external references plugin tool 3ds max

Introductory video of SmartRefs.

How SmartRefs Work

smartrefs videos tutorials how smartrefs work external references 3ds max

This is a small explanation of how smartrefs work, using a character that can be referenced and be modified in the source file after being used for animation.

SmartRefs vs Xrefs

smartrefs videos tutorials smartrefs vs xrefs external references 3ds max

Watch a comparison between SmartRefs and the conventional reference tools of 3ds max, to see the big advantages of using this new reference system.

Referencing Materials

smartrefs videos tutorials referencing materials external references 3ds max

See how you can reference materials using SmartRefs.

Proxy Scenes

smartrefs videos tutorials proxy scenes external references 3ds max

With SmartRefs you can have proxies of whole scenes, instead of just objects, and that gives you the ability to work even better with lighter scenes in the viewport.

Persist Refs

smartrefs videos tutorials persit refs external references 3ds max

In this video you can see how to persist references. With that feature you can store the data of the reference files inside the master file.

Using Biped and CAT with SmartRefs

smartrefs videos tutorials cat biped rig animation external references 3ds max

See how you can use Biped and CAT rigs with SmartRefs. Being able to update any change to the character file in the animated scenes.

Advanced Reset

smartrefs videos tutorials cat biped rig animation external references 3ds max

Learn how to use the new advanced Reset Feature in SmartRefs (from version 1.01.10). With this feature you can reset references by certain filters.